I’m sure everyone has noticed that GF Tournaments has scaled back tremendously over the last few months (GF Doubles Thursday/Sunday, Specto Training,etc). I haven’t been able to devote as much time into events or marketing since our daughter’s birth. Every event that I’ve ran since August, including the Strike It Big Kickoff, and the Labor Day Classic were almost canceled due to personal reasons. This uncertainty from week to week in if I’ll be able to even make my own event that I’m hosting has made it difficult to promote, and while I would love to continue running Strike It Big, I would hate to have bowlers (and myself) in limbo every week potentially having to cancel hours before go time. The thought of doing that to you all makes me sick to my stomach, as you all have been amazing supporters—showing up week after week for almost 50 weeks. We’ve cut it pretty close over the last few months, but I can’t continue to operate this way. Strike It Big numbers were almost back to normal with hours to go for tonight, but unfortunately, I will need to cancel tonight and in doing so I will be canceling all GF Tournaments for the remainder of the calendar year. Thanks Again for all your support! I look forward to getting back to running events next year.